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Pride Triangle and Star Rings (Adjustable Rings)

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What better way to express your love than with Pride Ring? Each of our designs is inspired by the diverse experiences, strengths and beauty of the LGBTQ+ community. Our rings are designed to help you celebrate and share your Pride!

A rainbow Pride ring 🌈 is a beautiful way to show your pride. Wear this gorgeous Pride exclusive ring with 💙 to celebrate the diversity of the world. 🌍 ❤️

Inspired by the pride flags and the LGBT+ symbol, this ring celebrates love, pride, and the fight for equality.

This LGBT+ ring designed exclusively by thepridecolors. It is a symbol of Pride and diversity. Show your pride in this beautiful design. Great for any occasion be it engagement, wedding or just to show your loved ones that you love them or just a promise ring to yourself to always love yourself.

Celebrate Pride and show your support for the fight for equality pride rings, a symbol of Pride and diversity. The world is filled with colorful people and things, but the one thing that ties us all together is our Pride! Show your pride in this gorgeous Pride exclusive ring-- the perfect way to express your love for the LGBTQIA+ community.

This Pride Ring is a ring exclusively available at thepridecolors. It is a symbol of Pride and diversity. Show your pride with this beautiful ring..


"What are adjustable rings?"

An adjustable ring is a ring with a little gap and what it allows you to do is to expand it. Why is that important? I like to wear a big ring on my middle finger. The challenge is - my knuckle is a size 10.5 and my actual finger is a size 10. All I have to do is expand it out a little bit, place the ring over my knuckle, squeeze it in, and now I have a great fit! The same thing can apply in the summer if your fingers shrink and swell. Adjustable rings are just much more versatile than traditional rings! 

Precious metal quality; S925

Due to high demand, it can take 10-35 days to deliver.

The stars are about 0.7CM in height and the triangle is about 0.65CM in height.

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Wilford Jacobi

Very nice!

Shanon Batz

Thank you so much <3

Jessika Huels


Uriel Conn

Amazing quality.!!

Retha Reilly

fits very well, also looked very similar to the pictures