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Gay Pride Flag - 3X5 ft - LGBT+ Rainbow Pride Flag

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Fly this flag to show your love and support for the gay community!

Proudly display a 3x5 ft gay pride flag. Proudly fly your gay pride flag at your home or business. The gay pride flag is a great gift for any gay. High quality gay pride flag. Gay Pride Flag measures 3x5 ft. A popular symbol of the gay community, this flag is great for anyone who is proud to be gay. has an exclusive offer for you to get a 3x5 ft gay pride flag for just $19.99. This flag is great for anyone who wants to show their support and solidarity to the gay community. We have only a few of these gay pride flags left. This is a limited time offer while supplies last. Quantities are limited. Don't miss out. Get yours now.

Since creating the first rainbow-colored gay flag in 1978, the pride flags have become a colorful sign of queer identity. These flags are evolving constantly, expanding to encompass and better each queer identity on the rainbow.

Today, we have various gay pride flags representing various gender identities, intersections, and sexuality of communities. Even though the symbolic use of the bright hues has been connected to the queer culture ever since, the gay flags are highly visible and widespread, signaling the queer identity. After all, the flags should be flown proudly and loudly. This post brings you the gay pride flags to help you know what each celebrates.

How did the rainbow flag become a symbol of gay pride?

It dates back to 1978, when an openly gay person and drag queen, Gilbert Baker, made the very first rainbow flag. Later on, Baker revealed that Harvey Milk, an elected official in the United States, also an openly gay man, made designed as a symbol of pride for the community of gay. So, Baker decided to make the flag symbol since he saw flags as an ideal symbol of pride.

 As he said later on in the interview, the task of gay individuals was mainly to come out, live in truth, and be visible. So, the main aim was to get out of the lie, and a flag does that mission just fine since that is a way to proclaim your visibility or just say who you really are.

 From this, Baker saw a rainbow as natural from the sky. Thus, he adopted the eight colors for stripes, every hue with its meaning. With the recent Pride Months done virtually, the 2022 summer is likely to see a wealth of Pride events and parades. The Pride month is officially set to occur in June; however, some cities conduct their celebrations at different months. Due to this, you may see many different Gay Pride flags this year which embody different aspects of the LGBTQ+ community.

 Gilbert Baker Pride Flag

 If you don't know, the Gilbert Baker Pride Flag is the parent or the mother of all the pride flags, if you don't know. This original gay pride flag came into existence in 1978 after an activist, and a gay military veteran, named Gilbert Baker was asked by his fellow politician and activist Harvey Milk to create a symbol that could be used to celebrate the community of gay. Baker and his team of artists made an 8-striped rainbow, and the first flag unfurled in June during the San Francisco Gay Freedom Gay Parade.

 Every color has a distinct meaning; hot pink represents sex, Red is life, Orange is healing, Yellow is sunlight, Green is Nature, Turquoise is Magic, Blue is harmony, and Violet is spirit.

1978-1979 Pride Flag

 Following the assassination of, there grew a high demand for the gay pride flag to symbolize joy and hope. Baker decided that he would keep the flag as a free symbol and not trademark the design for the community. So, he took the flag to San Francisco’s Paramount Flag Company to produce it. The hot pink color wasn’t easy to source, so it was dropped and remained only the 7 striped rainbow fabric.

 Traditional Gay Pride Flag

 Shortly after the production of the 7 stripped flag version, again, the gay pride flag was adopted. In 1979 following the protest against the assassination of Milk, the turquoise color was removed, leaving the flag with only 6 colors. These 6 colors made it easier to split the flag into two. Furthermore, it was easier to mass-produce the flag. Since then, the flag will be linked with LGBTQ solidarity and rights.

 Philadelphia Pride Flag

 The city of Philadelphia introduced the new gay pride flag in 2017, known as the Philadelphia pride flag. It was commissioned by the Philadelphia Office of LGBT Affairs as one of its More Color. The flag is meant to represent all people of queer color. Despite playing a pivotal role in the modern LGBTQ rights movement, these individuals often face marginalization in the central spaces. In the same year, various gay bars faced investigations into the complaints of racist discrimination. The message of intersectionality and queer inclusion was made clear through the raising of new flags outside the City Hall during Pride in 2017.

When one thinks about the sign of the LGBTQ community, what probably comes to mind is the rainbow-colored pride flag. Its hues and iconic stripes can easily be found on the front porches, flag poles, and lapel pins, just to name a few.

 However, do you really know the flag’s meaning and how a rainbow was associated with gay rights? What about the fact that there have been various iterations of the rainbow flag as it has evolved with time? All these have been outlined in this post, and right now, you have a better idea of how everything came out to be.

 Each color comes with its own meaning. You will find the hot pink color that represents sex. Red on the other hand is life, Orange is healing, Yellow is sunlight, Green is Nature, Turquoise is Magic, Blue is harmony, and Violet is spirit. All these colors are the original ones on the gay pride flag. Apart from that, other flags after the original was found comprises of seven and six colors.

As the LGBTQ+ movement continues to grow in inclusivity and awareness, we might see the new flags and symbols. You’ve got the freedom of choosing that item your feel represents you. Moreover, pride is all about appreciating the diversity and honoring the past as well as the presence of the LGBTQ community. No matter the way you celebrate it, it is still beautiful.


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